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International Veterinary Pigeons Association

Actual problems in columbopathology

WARSAW PLAZA HOTEL, WARSAW, 06-07.03.2020 r.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Thank so much you in advance for sending materials in accordance with these guidelines until

February 14, 2020!

We prepare materials  for conference e-book, prepared in accordance with the rules for this type of publication and the following pattern:


Name (12p. Test normal)
Affiliation (10p. Text in italics)
TITLE OF WORK (12p. vers. Text Normal)
Text of work should be prepared in MS Word
(11p. Test normal, Times New Roman, spacing 1.5). Tables, charts and figures, please placed in a separate file.
Volume of articles (in total) should not exceed 20 pages!The required list of literature references.English and Polish version will be published in e-book.