Ph.D. DVM Tomasz Stenzel.

In 2006 he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Olsztyn, and, in the same year he began his doctoral studies. In 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis on the practical use of immunomodulators in pigeons. Since 2011, he has been the assistant professor at the Department of Bird Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Olsztyn. Among his existing scientific achievements there are numerous studies regarding, inter alia, pigeon pathology and epidemiology of selected infectious diseases in the population of these birds, as well as publications on bird immunology and selected issues concerning the health of free-living birds. In addition, he is the author of numerous publications, mainly related to the pathology of pigeons, which appeared in esteemed veterinary press. His main research interests revolve around the pigeon circovirus infection (PiCV), and the potential possibilities of the control and prevention against YPDS. Currently he conducts research on the immunology of PiCV infection in pigeons. Besides the scientific work, he also deals with the treatment of pigeons and other domesticated birds.