Professor, Ph.D. DVM. Piotr Szeleszczuk.

Vveterinarian, a specialist in the diseases of poultry and ornamental birds. He is the head of the Department of Pathology and Veterinary Diagnostic, Division of Avian Diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The author of nearly 700 academic publications including more than 100 dedicated to pigeon pathology. Studies performed in the field of pathology included the most compelling practical issues, and concerned, among others, paramyxovirosis (the description of the first cases of infection reported in Poland, the development of principles of immunoprophylaxis), therapy against salmonellosis, as well as the prevalence of parasitic diseases and other viral diseases. Professor. Szeleszczuk specializes in the issues of pathology, treatment and immunoprophylaxis of poultry, pet birds and pigeon diseases. His name – as an international expert in the field, is often associated with serodiagnosis of poultry diseases. Also, for several years he has been implementing the project „WAMSER- Warsaw Academy of Applications for Serological Monitoring in Veterinary Epidemiology.” He is the initiator and co-executor of the „Eimeria Avia„project. From the beginning of his career he has been particularly engaged in the issues related to columbopathology. Since nearly 40 years, he continues to perform actions in support of veterinary care for the pigeons in Poland initiated in the early seventies by Professor Wanda Barbara Borzemska. His original initiative, the informal Polish Columbopathologists Club amassed a team of outstanding national experts dealing with the protection of the health of pigeons, who, since 2008, meet regularly at special conferences. For over 10 years he has been the Polish representative in the Scientific Veterinary Comission – Columbophile Federation Internationale.