DVM. VM Hendrik J.M. de Weerd.

Study at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 1965 – 1972 graduation as veterinary surgeon. Also a licenced vet in U.K (MRCVS); Belgium, Ireland and Romania. Started his “Veterinary Clinic Breda” in 1973. After 6 years he took over another pet clinic in Breda and 3 years later he opened a third pet clinic in Breda. Daily veterinary practise for pets and racing pigeons from 1972 tot 1987. From 1987 up till now treating only racing pigeons, worldwide. Owner of Belgica-De Weerd B.V., a pharmaceutical enterprise that produces veterinary medicine and feed additives for pigeons and racing pigeons in particular. Effective therapies have been developed for up till then unknown, at that time untreatable diseases for pigeons. The area of the practice was expanding from the Netherlands to Belgium, Germany, France and the U.K . In the meantime dr. de Weerd is consulted from all over the world. He operates a pigeon clinic in Colchester, close to London and cooperates with a large pets and pigeon clinic in Beijing in China. Lots of speeches have been given in practically all “pigeon-countries” all over the world. Numerous international decorations and functions like veterinary advisor of the Asian Federation of Racing Pigeons have been granted. Honorary member of the 100 years old pigeon association at Tenerife. Also advisor to the German ‘’Verbands Klinik” ( pigeon clinic) and the VMD in U.K. regarding racing pigeons. Member of the veterinary committee of the F.C.I. (Fédération Colombophile Internationale), International Association of pigeon fanciers. Conservator of the “Jan Aarden “ strain, an outstanding blood line of marathon pigeons originally created by Piet de Weerd the world famous father of dr. Henk de Weerd. He was an Icon and “eminence grise” of the international pigeon world.