Piotr Szeleszczuk, Full Professor, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Professor Piotr Szeleszczuk- veterinarian, a specialist in diseases of poultry and ornamental birds. Department of Avian Diseases Department of Veterinary Pathology and Diagnostics Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He is author of over 600 scientific publications. He specializes in issues of pathology, therapy and immunoprophylaxis of avian diseases. In the years 2012 -2016 National Head of Specialization No. 5 “Diseases of poultry and ornamental birds.” He conducted research on the epidemiology of coccidiosis in broiler chickens in Poland and new patterns of prevention of this invasion. In his team they conducted research on the molecular diagnosis of coccidiosis. Within the scope of his interests are also problems of diagnosis and treatment of pigeons coccidiosis. The author of the project “Eimeriana Avia” and co-organizer of the First International Technical Conference ” Poultry coccidiosis – current challenges AD 2016.