Congress is a great opportunity to discuss among the most competent representatives of columbopathology science and practice!

Among the invited lecturers are:

  • Professor Erhard Franz Kaleta (GER), a retired employee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Justus Liebig in Giessen – He co-created the history of columbopathological medicine!
  • You will be able to learn about the actual role of pigeons in the epidemiology of avian influenza from Professor Celia Abolnik (RSA).
  • Among the outstanding lecturers will also be Professor Krzysztof Śmietanka (PL), who will present issues related to Newcastle disease.
  • The current situation of rotavirus infection will be presented by Dr. Dennis Rubenstroth (GER) and issues about circovirus infections will be presented by Professor Tomasz Stenzel (PL).
  • The special guest of the conference will be Dr. Elisabeth Peus (GER). Chairwoman of the FCI Veterinary and Scientific Committee, which after her great predecessors, Dr. Jurgen Raddei and Dr. Ludger Kamphausen, manages of the Taubenklinik in Essen from 2014.