7.03.2020 Saturday

Session III – Chairman Tomasz Stenzel
900 – 945 Dennis Rubbenstroth (Germany): Rotavirus infection in pigeons
945 – 1005 Krzysztof Adamczyk (Poland): Epidemiology of rotavirus infections in Polish racing pigeons flocks
1005 – 1025 Martin Pfützner (Germany): Rotavirosis of ornamental pigeons
1025 – 1045 Abstract speech III
1045 – 1100 Coffee Break
1100 – 1120 Beata Dolka (Poland): Enterococcus at the pigeon – what we know about it today?
1120 – 1140 Dorota Chrobak-Chmiel (Poland): Methicillin-resistance in staphylococci isolated from pigeons in Poland
1140 – 1200 Anna Sawicka-Dukralec (Poland): Occurence of Mycoplasma spp. in pigeons in Poland
1200 – 1220 Abstract speech IV
1220 – 1300 Branch
Session IV – Chairwoman Elisabeth Peus
1300 – 1320 Aleksandra Ledwoń (Poland): Selected aspects of pigeon therapy
1320 – 1340 Piotr Szeleszczuk, Elisabeth Peus, Pascal Lanneau, Leo Van de Waart, Christian Cossa: The formal availability of medicines for pigeons in EU countries
1340 – 1400 Pascal Lanneau (Belgium): New rules of DNA testing in pigeons genetic
1400 – 1500 Henk de Weerd (Holland): Pathology of pigeons according to Henk de Weerd that is, the dilemmas of clinical diagnosis of pigeon diseases!
1500 – 1530 Ending ceremony



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