Our Motivated Team

Piotr Szeleszczuk

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
FVM Warsaw

Aleksandra Ledwoń

Chairwoman of Scientific Committee
FVM Warsaw

Krzysztof Adamczyk

Congress Secretary Director
FVM Warsaw

Izabela Kowalska

FVM Warsaw

Jolanta Wiśniewska

Finance & invoicing
FVM Warsaw

Borys Błaszczak

FVM Warsaw

About Events

The 1st World Congress of IVPA is a historic event during which veterinarians will meet – enthusiasts involved in the protection of the health of pigeon flocks from many countries of the world!

The goal of the 1st Congress of IVPA is to create a platform for the exchange of information on current problems of veterinary care of pigeon flocks.

Participation in the Congress will allow you to improve your practical knowledge in the field of columbopathology.

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